Kristen Giacomini, Owner & Interior Designer

Kristen’s passion for interior design stems from her mother’s creative genius and great eye for design. As a child, her mom would transform their childhood home into a magical play land at birthdays, create dazzling decor for the holidays and generally always provided a home that was welcoming, warm, and cozy. Growing up in Truckee CA, Kristen always felt connected to nature. She loved being outdoors, hiking, skiing and exploring. This was always her happy place. Throughout her life she found being creative was the easiest way to express herself. Making handmade birthday cards, poems, and collages for friends always brought her joy and a sense of purpose. In school art projects and presentations were her jam, highlighting her love for thinking outside the box and then allowing her to get up and discuss her thought process.

After high School Kristen moved to Arizona to pursue her Bachelors degree in Interior Design at the Southwest University of Visual Arts in Tucson, where she had the pleasure of attending with her mom. It was during this time that Kristen’s life changed and her mother passed away from a brain tumor leaving Kristen to wonder what life was about. After graduating college, Kristen took her mother’s advice and set out to see the world. During this time of exploration she realized how small one person is in the grand scheme of things. This came to be while visiting the ancient ruins in Rome, standing breathless in the great Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, and getting lost in the tiny streets of Venice. This realization ignited a fire within, a fire that created the desire to do more and be better, and to live for the moment, I guess you could say she received some holy wisdom.

After returning home from her travels Kristen focused on gaining the experience needed to one day pursue her dream of opening her own design studio. For over a decade, Kristen worked as a residential interior design consultant in both Arizona and Nevada, gaining valuable insight while developing her own style that reflects her love of nature, travel and modern simple sophistication with a hint of boho-esqueness, while also keeping the environment at the forefront of her priorities.

At home, she is a momma to her children Penelope and Giavanna, fur baby Rocky and a wife to Patrick, a man that supports her dreams and helps daily to create the life they both envision. Kristen is driven by love and family. Her goal in life is to be happy and see others happy and thrive. She believes sitting and waiting for your day to come is no way of living. She believes you should follow your dreams now, start now, and if you don’t know where to start, just start somewhere!!!!!

Katie Giacomini, Co-Owner & Business Manager

Katie is the co-owner of Flow Designs, managing business operations, and assists her sister when needed with design projects. Katie is a momma to two boys, Jacob and Mason and has a golden retriever Bruno.

Ali Marie, Junior Designer

Ali moved to the Carson Valley with her three fur babies, Alfie, Bear, and Samson, and fiancé, Alex, a couple of years after graduating college. Soon after moving, they purchased their first home, an incredible blank canvas to try out something that she had been dreaming about since she was a little girl- interior design. She used this opportunity to hone her design skills and soak up as much information as possible. Ali successfully completed a full-scale renovation project by working closely with tradesmen, obtaining her own permits, and sourcing a plethora of different tiles, countertops, lighting, and finishes. During this time, she pushed herself to learn as much as possible about interior design. She taught herself AutoCAD and Chief Architect and took on as many projects as possible to gain experience. 
Reflecting on her path toward interior design, one vivid memory comes to mind. It dates all the way back to her 5th-grade career fair, where she chose to present what it meant to be an interior designer on her tri-fold poster board. She cut out fabrics and ribbons from her mom’s sewing stash and created her first-ever mood board. A nursery with pinks, blues, yellows, and a rubber duck motif for the curtains. Her fascination never wavered throughout high school and college, where she redecorated her room too many times to count and was absolutely full of pride designing and furnishing her first apartment.
Ali has worked incredibly hard during her time at Flow designs. She is talented, passionate, and pays attention to the smallest details. We are thrilled to have her join the team at Flow Designs and know she will bring something special to every job she takes on. Along with being a fellow Leo, like Katie and Kristen, her young spirit but old soul creates the perfect tone within our studio.