The Best Professional Meeting Space in Reno: The Meeting Space at Flow Designs

In the bustling city of Reno, professional spaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation are a rarity. However, The Meeting Space at Flow Designs isn’t just any location – it’s a haven for professionals seeking a serene environment to conduct meetings, photography sessions, and classes.

The Meeting Space

The space itself boasts seating and tables accommodating up to 40 guests, offering flexibility in set-up based on the event’s nature. While the facility is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, it requires a booking at least 7 days in advance. For those last-minute planners – don’t fret – a quick call to 775-971-4122 might just secure you the spot!

Unlike many other venues, The Meeting Space in Reno, NV is transparent about its pricing. At $75 per hour with a one-hour minimum booking requirement, it’s both affordable and value-for-money. While there’s a $150 cleaning fee within the booking cost, this ensures the venue remains pristine for all users. Of course, as with any space of this caliber, there are stipulations to ensure it remains in its top condition. Any breakage or deviation from the original state of the venue might incur additional fees. Once booked, a personalized contract detailing the specifics for venue use will be emailed, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

Beyond the specifications, what makes The Meeting Space a prime choice in Reno? The heart and soul behind Flow Designs.

About Kristen & Flow Designs

The brainchild of Kristen, Flow Designs is a testament to her lifelong love affair with interior design. Growing up in the natural haven of Truckee, CA, Kristen’s inspiration comes from her surroundings and her mother’s creative genius. The nostalgia of a home transformed for birthdays and holidays, the warmth and coziness that permeated every room, is evident in Kristen’s approach to design. Following her mother’s footsteps, she pursued her Bachelor’s in Interior Design in Arizona. The tragic loss of her mother spurred a journey, both physical and spiritual. From the breathtaking cathedrals in Rome to the enchanting streets of Venice, Kristen’s travels fortified her passion for design, igniting a fire that burns bright till today. This zest for life and design translates into her work, seamlessly blending nature, modern sophistication, and a touch of boho charm for her meeting space in Reno.

Flow Designs isn’t just Kristen’s dream realized. With Katie Giacomini, her sister and co-owner, managing the operations and the talented Ali Marie bringing her unique design perspective, the team at Flow Designs is a dynamic fusion of passion, talent, and creativity. From Ali’s vivid memory of her 5th-grade career fair project on interior design to her impressive self-taught AutoCAD skills, she represents the drive and dedication that embodies the spirit of Flow Designs.

Choosing The Meeting Space at Flow Designs isn’t just about selecting a venue. It’s about embracing the ethos of creativity, dedication, and passion that the Flow Designs team embodies. In the heart of Reno, amidst the urban hustle, lies a space that beckons professionals with a promise of inspiration, collaboration, and success.