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My motivational "start somewhere" message from 2010
My motivational “start somewhere” message from 2010

Happy New Year! It’s that time again when we start to make resolutions and goals for change. This year I invite you to start thinking about taking small steps to make your resolutions and goals a reality. Set yourself up with the opportunity to succeed and remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens after continued effort by changing your habits in small increments. It requires you to start somewhere, wherever you are in life, just start. Choosing to begin that journey towards the vision you have for yourself.

My journey towards starting somewhere began back in 2010

I was struggling with who I was. I wanted to be a great interior designer and a marathon runner.  The problem was I had just graduated from design school and I wasn’t running. I knew that the only way for me to become that person I had envisioned was for me to just start. So I took out a piece of paper and wrote down the words you have to start somewhere in big bold letters. With that simple action, I began my journey and I started to run. At first, it was just a mile every day, not nearly enough to be a marathon runner but enough to get back in shape. With time I turned that one mile onto two miles, two miles turned into three, and then eventually I was running 6 miles plus at a time. I had realized that becoming a marathon runner wasn’t my goal, my goal was to be a runner. At the same time, I set out to gain experience as an interior designer, knowing that through my experience I would develop and enhance my ability to not just be an interior designer but to be a great one.

Starting somewhere has become my motto.

It has become how a big task becomes an achievable task. When having a large project I must tackle, I start with making a list. When I need to get back into a healthy diet, I start by making one good choice a day. I choose one small habit and change it. I choose to be better than I was the day before. Slowly but surely, day by day the ripples are created and the change occurs. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes months but eventually, those ripples you create will become waves! Once you have created those waves the journey you have taken will allow you to see your progress, see your strengths and everything you are capable of mentally and physically.

As an interior designer, I set out to help my clients start somewhere every day by showing them the possibilities that can be in their homes,  by making simple changes to their environment.  However, the phrase start somewhere trickles to everything in life. A while ago I worked in a gift shop. One day a lady came in admiring these beautiful scarfs we had for sale. She picked one up, tried it on and looked at my co-worker saying, “These scarves are so pretty, I would love to be able to wear a scarf but I am not a scarf person, how does one become a scarf person?” she asked this as she wrapped the scarf adoringly around her neck. My co-worker responded, “You start by wearing a scarf!” such a simple and obvious answer!  The lady ended up buying the scarf and wearing it home that day. With that one small but simple action she became a scarf person.

My point is if you want to wear a scarf, run a marathon, have an organized closet, decorate a room, or eat healthily, all you have to do is Start Somewhere, change one small habit, believe in yourself to do so and give yourself time and by 2021 when you look into the mirror, your reflection will amaze you! 

If you need a place to help with your journey of starting somewhere we have a workshop the first Saturday of every month at 1 PM. The workshop is catered towards interior design but we are happy to help you take on any task you see fit.

Happy New Year, and may the Flow be with you as you Start Somewhere in 2020!!

My first 10K race!!
My first 10K race!!