The Story Behind Flow Designs​

A long time ago, a creative momma had a dream. She dreamt of opening a little studio to create her art. In her art studio she would display her watercolor paintings, sell her witty cards and offer fun art classes for kids in the community.

Although, she was excited to follow through with her dream, this very creative momma put it on hold until the day her daughters were out of the house and taken care of. Until then she spent her time painting, reading, and writing down her goals, filling her mind with an abundance of wealth for when the day finally came to open her studio.

Then on a sunny July day in Tucson AZ, this very creative momma was thrown a curve ball and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Six months later, at the age of fifty eight Suzanne Russell Giacomini passed away leaving her dream unfinished and her book unwritten.

After the loss of their mom, Kristen and Katie started to have a dream of their own; one that honored their moms vision by uniting the things she loved most; family, art, kindness, and design.  A place where creativity flows, passions persevere, and change is ever present and ongoing. A place for people to connect, laugh and see their own dreams come true. Flow Designs, a take off of Kristen’s childhood nickname” Flo”, is a collaboration of dreams manifested by 3 women, brought to fruition just for you!!!