The Golden Knob

Hello Hello! Thank you for joining me for another blog post. As we get ready to open our doors we are so excited to announce our first initiative, The Golden Knob. The Golden Knob is a brass door knob that was attached to the back door of Flows when we bought the building. After some updating the door and the knob were removed from the permanent structure. The door was donated, but the knob remained at Flows. There was no reason this old brass knob stuck around, it just got kicked off to the side and was one of those things we would deal with later…… Then one day, after looking at the knob I said to my sister “what the hell are we going to do with this knob?” She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like “ I have no idea, get rid of it, throw it away.”

Well, the eco concise person I am had a hard time letting this simple, old brass knob. A knob that once was a part of the building, that had, mostly likely bend turned and touched by the countless number of people in the community. Something was attracting me to it. After a few days I picked up the knob and asked myself again “what should we do with you?” it was at this time, it dawned on me……. Pass it on…… not as if someone out there would actually want this beat up brass knob, but more as a symbolic representation of opening a new door, turning a new chapter, and creating a fresh start. Pass it on…..

You see a few months ago I was blessed with an opportunity to help a family in need. Our lives crossed paths. They told me their story and without hesitation, I offered my services, at no cost. This chance encounter became the beginning of a beautiful relationship, a deeply powerful experience and moments of utter amazement. You see this family had suffered a great loss, one no words can describe. But through this experience I found so much hope, love and gratefulness. I thought this is what the golden knob can be! A way to pay it forward, to help create change that inspires people to continue believing in all good things.

With that said, we are very very happy to announce the Golden Knob initiative! Our way of paying it forward to the community. You, the community will be able to nominate an individual that could benefit from some flow in their life. Each Golden Knob recipient will receive a free service from Flow Designs and once the job is done they will help decide the next recipient of the Golden Knob!!!!! More details to come, please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading this,